Because sound matters.

LITTLE BIG EARS - Studios opened back in 2006. We offer everything that´s needed for professional music and vocal productions. A well sorted mix of analogue and digital audio gear helps us to find your very own sound and no matter whether it is Jazz, Rock, Pop or Death Metal, our ears and minds are open wide...

Since January 2010 we found our new home in Hamburg´s legendary CHAMELEON - Studios, a traditional recording Studio in the Heart of Germany´s second biggest City and the secret capital of rock music. Lots of German music legends used to record their biggest selling records in here and now it is about time for you to become the legends of tomorrow.

Besides our lovely recording facilities we offer a huge accommodation area with billards, a kicker table and a huge kitchen. As you might know without coffee, no record will sound good.

Supermarkets, a gas station and our fridge make sure you won´t starve.